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Great, happy and stress free!

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Great, happy and stress free!

Living a great, happy and stress free life is the ultimate goal of many people today and as life gets ever more hectic and noisy this need only increases. How can we manage a suitable balance between all of the things going on in our lives and what can we be doing more of, or better, in order to improve our quality of life?

There are a number of factors to take into consideration, which we will go into here in a little detail so that you can gain a better understanding and hopefully lift your own spirits!

Eat more healthily

Doing right by your body, by way of healthy eating, is ultimately going to do great things for your state of mind too and boosts energy levels. All of us have experienced lethargy at some point or another when we have indulged in unhealthy food, often this includes so-called comfort food. A balanced diet enables your body to take in the fuel that it needs in order to properly manage energy levels.

A healthy and balanced diet consists of:

●  Lean Meat

●  Low-fat dairy

●  Vegetables

●  Fruit

●  Whole grains

Take up meditation for a more relaxed outlook

Research led data concerning the effects of meditation on the brain has been coming in for several years now, with new studies seemingly popping up every week to highlight a newly found benefit of meditation. A Yale study found that meditation reduces activity in the default mode network (DMN) part of the brain responsible for thought-wandering. Those with an overactive DMN are thought to be less happy overall. If you want to be happier, meditate.

Exercise your way to happiness

Physical exercise can affect certain chemicals that flow through the brain. Chemicals like serotonin and dopamine can have a profound effect as brain cells use these to communicate, which is how they are able to affect mood and thought process.

Here are the top 10 exercises that can affect mood

●  Pushups
●  Squats
●  Lunges
●  Cycling
●  Pull-ups
●  Step Ups
●  Dips
●  Sit-ups
●  Swimming
●  Jogging


The more physically demanding the exercise, the greater the chemical release but even gentle exercise can yield results.

Why socializing helps lift mood

Increases in social interaction help to rebuild and bolster self-esteem, something which itself leads to being able to maintain and further develop friendships and relationships. Higher self-esteem boosts confidence which can lead to greater quality mental health overall.

All of the above, coupled with economic freedom (reduced fears and worries surrounding bills and debt) if possible can all lead to greater quality of life and general increases in an individual’s happiness levels. Adopting even just one of the practices mentioned here can have enormous, positive impact on well being so why wait a moment longer?

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