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10 Reasons Why Meditation Reduces Stress and Increases Calmness


Why Meditation Reduces Stress and Increases Calmness?

1. Meditation is practiced in a quiet place, away from distractions and noises, When our mind and body are calm, stress and anxiety levels drop down.

2. The effects of meditation stay with you long after the meditation, affecting your mind and actions, making you more relaxed and calm, and more tolerant and patient. These of course, tend to relieve stress.

3. When you sleep, you forget all your troubles and everything that is causing you stress. Sleep relaxes the body and the mind, making it easier to deal with stress. Meditation has the same effect.

meditation helps you sleep.

4. meditation stops every thought that pops up into your mind, it avoids you focusing on things that create stress and make you worry. This gives your mind a few minutes freedom from stress.

5. Repeated practice, gives you control over your mind and your thoughts, so you can choose the thoughts you want and reject the thoughts that you do not want.

If you focus on stressful thoughts, stress would increase. However, if you focus on happiness, peace and positive thoughts, they would increase and replace stress.

6. Meditation relaxes your mind, and enables you to think and act calmly and with common sense.

7. Meditation liberates your mind from bad, unhealthy and negative thoughts.

8. Meditation improves your health and the immune system. This of course, affects your emotional and mental health, and reduces stress, making it easier to handle tasks and deal with problems.

9. Meditation improves your concentration, memory and our mental functions. This means that you have more control on the daily affairs of life.

10. It increases the level of inner peace and happiness. In a state of inner peace, there are fewer worries, and less stress. In this state, happiness can easily manifest, without obstructions.


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